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Different Types of Accommodations And How Much They Cost

Accommodations in the United States range from budget-friendly options to luxury stays that cater to the various needs and preferences of solo travelers. There are a lot of different ways you can choose to stay in an area you are touring, limited only by your imagination and bank account! Here are some of the popular types of accommodations in the United States and their average cost so you can make an informed choice about how you want to spend your next adventure.



Globesisters Price Range: $50 for 1 month, $90 for 2 months, $220 for 1 year, all with unlimited free homestays (click here for more information)

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When in Rome, do as the Romans do! If you’re a solo traveler who’s going to spend some period of time in a tourist spot and want to live authentically, homestays are the best option that you should try.

Depending on the type, solo travelers can either couch surf or get private rooms (more expensive) in a host’s house, often in a residential neighborhood near the tourist attractions. This grants the perfect opportunity to live, dine, and sleep like a local, fully immersing yourself in the lifestyle.

Globesisters is a mobile app created just for female-identifying solo travelers interested in homestays. For a monthly fee, as opposed to the nightly fees that the other accommodations on this list use, you will be connected with a network of hostesses who have your safety and preferences in mind when you choose to live with them. Globesisters is cheaper than the typical homestay in the United States and, with hostesses and travelers being strictly women, will ensure you feel comfortable during your stay. The app is free to download on the App Store or Google Play.



Average Price Range: $30-$80 per night

Though they sound a lot like “hotels,” hostels are a very different and cheaper type of accommodation for solo travelers, although they remain more expensive than homestays since they charge fees per night. Individuals share a large room full of multiple bunk beds and sometimes lockers, as well as other common areas like kitchens, living rooms, and bathrooms.

Hostels provide a social aspect to your solo trip through meeting other travelers like yourself and going on tours hosted by the hostel. They are great for building friendships with complete strangers, sharing stories, and feeling like a throwback to the college dorm days.

Read our Hostels vs. Homestays article for more information on each and the differences between them.



Average Price Range: $100-$600 per night

Speaking of hotels, here is the classic and one of the most popular methods of finding temporary accommodation during your trip. Depending on the area and proximity to tourist attractions, hotels can either be relatively affordable or very expensive.

Hotels are all about providing luxury living quarters. Individuals can stay in one-bed or two-bed rooms with their own bathrooms, mini-fridges, and coffee-makers, as well as a hotel menu to order from and room service. Many hotels house their own fine-dining restaurants in the lobby, outdoor swimming pools, and sometimes even fitness centers. In special places like Las Vegas, its luxury hotels sport their own casinos. Click here for more suggestions on fun destinations to experience this in the United States.



Average Price Range: $70-100 per night

If you combine “motor” and “hotel,” you get “motel,” which is essentially what this type of accommodation is all about. Motels are typically located along highways for easy access to travelers on the road. They offer similar amenities to hotels, although typically of a cheaper quality since they have limited staff.

Motels are designed to be an overnight resting station for drivers who are traveling to a different destination. Unlike the previous three accommodations, they do not need to be located near any neighborhoods because the purpose is to provide shelter where there isn’t for long, rural road trips. This also means that safety is a concern when looking at motels, especially for solo travelers who will have limited contacts to rely on.

Still, if you’re going on a long road trip and need a place to stay, motels can bail you out of that predicament for a night or two.


Vacation Rentals

Average Price Range: $150-250 per night

Airbnb is the biggest market player in this category. Vacation rentals include entirely furnished apartments, condos, and houses equipped with all the amenities that those facilities typically have. Of all the accommodations listed so far, vacation rentals are by far the most spacious, private, and one of the most expensive.

Vacation rentals are great for group travelers or families who can play fun activities and make the most use out of the extra space. Smaller facilities like apartment rentals are more tailored towards solo travelers but still give the same spaciousness and privacy that’s appreciated after a long day.

That being said, these homes are owned by private owners who are offsite and, on average, less responsive to your questions than room service at a hotel. You will often have the entire house to yourself but you will also, for the most part, be on your own in figuring out how you’d like to live there during your stay.



Average Price Range for Park Campground: $25-45 per night (not including camping equipment)

Average Price Range for RV Campground: $20-100 per night (not including RV or equipment)

While the previous accommodations so far have involved a building and roof over your head, another budget-friendly and often more scenic experience is to go camping.

Solo travelers who enjoy hiking, climbing, national and state parks, or simply want to “touch grass” and immerse themselves in the great outdoors will find camping to be a uniquely authentic experience. Many parks have designated campgrounds for travelers to pitch their tents, or even cabins and public bathrooms. Most of the cost of camping comes less from reserving the campground and more from buying tents, cooking gear, and miscellaneous necessities.

If you would like to make a more expensive long-term investment, buying a recreational vehicle equipped with a bed, stove, bathroom, refrigerator, and any other amenities you want to install into it can make your camping experience as homely as it is natural. RVs can be bought used (cheaper and customizable but not upgraded and can have hidden damages) or new (latest technology and good quality but very expensive).


Whether it’s a roof or a tent, an entire house or a room or simply a couch, there are many different ways to live during your solo travel across the United States that are worth experiencing! At the end of the day, the experience you are looking for, along with the comfort, location, lifestyle, and budget are important factors to consider when choosing a type of accommodation.

Globesisters takes into account all these things when connecting you to the right hostess. We care about your safety and making your adventure personalized, empowering, and worthwhile. A solo trip can be daunting with so many options to go about alone; Globesisters is here to guide you through that process and get you situated on your journey.


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