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  • How GlobeSisters is vetting its members?
    We will ensure your safety in 3 ways: 1) Women Only: Only women can join the GlobeSisters community. 2) ID Verification: In order to set up your account and organize your first homestay/hosting, we will verify your identity. To do so, our algorithm will need you to submit proof of your ID and a recent photo of yourself. 3) Review System & Red Flags: You will be able to rate hosts/guests and flag them, if necessary, which will automatically suspend their account. In the case of a suspension, we will review and investigate both sides of the situation and decide whether or not their account will be deactivated.
  • Is GlobeSisters only available in the US?
    For the time being, most of our hosts are located in the USA, more especially in the Bay Area and NYC. So these are the area where your chances of getting hosted are higher. However, that doesn't mean we are only available in the USA. On our mobile app, you can reach out to any of our hosts worldwide.
  • Why doesn’t GlobeSisters allow men to join?
    While we recognize that many female-identifying travelers have had wonderful and safe experiences traveling with male hosts, there are a few reasons why the GlobeSisters community is solely for women: There are a lot of different homestay options dedicated to both men and women. However, no platform exist only for women-identifying people. GlobeSisters aims to solve this problem by building a safe travel environment for female-identifying individuals. GlobeSisters wants to encourage more women to travel! Being a woman-identifying person should not stop you from exploring the world. 89% of the 300 female travelers we interviewed cited safety concerns as their main reason why they weren’t participating in homestays. Unfortunately, the truth is that women-identifying travelers are enduring far more safety issues and/or cultural discrimination than their male counterparts. GlobeSisters’ mission is to offer a chance for adventurers to be daring, achieve their dreams, and worry less about safety. Finally, while our community only allows women to have an account, hosts can be women living with male roommates, family members, or significant others. This way, men can also contribute to GlobeSisters!
  • How are you matching people?
    Our algorithm looks at hosts' and travelers' common interests, past experiences, and expectations for this trip (how much time they want to spend together, what kind of common activities they are looking for…) to match hosts to travelers and vice versa.
  • Do I need to pay to join the GlobeSisters community?
    GlobeSisters is a hospitality exchange platform tailored for women that offers a variety of features and services to its members, some of which are free. As a member of GlobeSisters, you can access the hosting feature for free and also the community tab, which is a feed where you can post photos, questions, travel recommendations, and interact with other members. Additionally, if you are a host, you may get compensated for your costs (utilities, laundry...) and also gain a discount on our travel pass. On the other hand, if you want to travel with GlobeSisters, you will need to purchase a travel plan. This plan will cover your ID check, access to a trusted network of travelers and hosts, and therefore an unlimited number of free homestay experiences moderation, and a verification team.
  • What does the GlobeSisters membership include?
    The GlobeSisters membership includes the following features: Access to a trusted network of travelers and hosts: Members can connect with other women around the world who are open to sharing their homes and offering a homestay experience. An unlimited number of free homestay experiences: Members can stay with other members for free, as long as the host agrees to the request. ID Check: All members need to go through an ID verification process to ensure the safety and security of the community. A moderation and verification team: GlobeSisters has a team of moderators who ensure that all members abide by the community guidelines and that there are no fake accounts. Access to the GlobeSisters forum and travel tips: Members have access to a forum where they can share their travel experiences, ask questions, and get advice from other members. These membership plans allow you to access all these features for a month, 2 months, or 1 year.
  • What are GlobeSisters' different pricing options?
    GlobeSisters offers three different travel passes to choose from: the Discovery Pass, the Backpacker Pass, and the Globetrotter Pass. The Discovery Pass is a monthly pass that costs $50 and includes several benefits for travelers. This pass covers an ID-Check, an onboarding call, and access to the GlobeSisters mobile app, forum, and local tips. They also have unlimited access to homestays for the duration of the pass. The Backpacker Pass is a two-month pass that costs $90 and includes the same benefits as the Discovery Pass. This pass is ideal for travelers who want to stay longer in one location or who want to explore multiple destinations. The Globetrotter Pass is an annual pass that costs $220 and includes all of the benefits of the other two passes. This pass is perfect for travelers who want to explore the world for an extended period of time and make the most of their travels. Overall, GlobeSisters offers a range of travel passes to suit the needs and preferences of different travelers. From the monthly Discovery Pass to the annual Globetrotter Pass, there is a pass for every type of traveler. Whether you are looking to stay in one place for a short time or travel the world for an extended period, GlobeSisters has a pass that will suit your needs.
  • Why does everyone need to be ID-checked?
    ID verification is an important layer of safety that ensures that no fake accounts can be created on GlobeSisters. The safety and security of our members are very important to us and an ID check is one way we ensure that only verified members are part of our community. Furthermore, ID verification provides a sense of trust and authenticity for our members, when they know that everyone on the platform is verified and real, it's more likely for them to feel comfortable and confident when making a request to stay or host someone. To do so, GlobeSisters is using a third-party platform specialized in ID verification to ensure that the verification process is secure and accurate. This platform uses various methods such as government-issued ID and facial recognition technology to validate the identity of our members, ensuring that the information provided is accurate and authentic.
  • As a host, am I getting paid?
    As a host on GlobeSisters, you will not be getting paid directly in cash or any other form of monetary compensation. The compensation you receive is in the form of in-kind services, such as utilities and laundry costs. This means that if you host a traveler and they use your utilities (e.g. electricity, water), or do laundry during their stay, you can be reimbursed by them. Additionally, if you regularly host other members, you can earn discounts on your travel pass, which can help you save money on your own travel expenses. Keep in mind that GlobeSisters is a community-based platform, it's a way of sharing and showing hospitality, it's a way of giving back and getting back as well, so it's not only a way to save money, but also to meet new people and create lasting memories.
  • Do I need to stay 24/7 with the GlobeSister I’m hosting?
    Not at all! It will mainly depend on your availability and the schedule of your GlobeSister. No worries, our matching algorithm will take care of finding you a GlobeSister who is on the same page as you! You just need to be home to welcome her when she arrives and be her main point of contact while she is in the area.
  • What can I do to prepare as a host?
    Complete the house rules section of your profile with care to ensure guests understand what to expect. If a guest makes contact with you via the guest-host messaging system, ensure you respond quickly and accurately. Once booked, get in touch with your guest(s) before they arrive and introduce yourself. Ask them to email you a photo and details of any other people (or pets if appropriate) in their booking party. Ask your guest(s) to tell you their expected time of arrival and make sure they know how to get to your homestay. Check your emails regularly for booking notifications and reminders. Reply to guests as soon as possible and always take action for pending requests such as Accepting or Declining if necessary.
  • Am I able to host a GlobeSister if a man is living in my home?
    Of course! Hosts can be mothers, wives, sisters, or women living with male roommates. Travelers and hosts are informed of the living or traveling situation of their matched GlobeSister in advance. However, solo female travelers may feel more at ease if a woman is present while the male figure is home as well. If, for any reason, you can not be present, please let her know in advance.
  • How much of a discount do I get on the travel pass when hosting?
    The hosting discounts work as follows: The first time a host is hosting, she gets an immediate 40% discount on her monthly travel pass. This can be considered a welcome bonus for being a host for the first time. When she is hosting a second time, she gets an additional 20% off, for a total of 60% discount. This is an incentive for the host to continue hosting more travelers and becoming more experienced. From the third to the sixth homestay experience hosted, the host gets an additional 10% off for each experience. This can lead to up to a 90% of discount. Starting from the seventh homestay experience hosted, the host gets a monthly travel pass for free. And also she is given the title of "Super Host" which indicates her status as an experienced and reliable host within the community. This title is a way to recognize the efforts and contributions of the host in making the platform safe, welcoming and enjoyable for all members. And it's also a great way to communicate to other members that this host is someone who is reliable and likely to provide a great homestay experience. And has the ability to organize events within our community by creating events in our mobile app, this is an additional way to create more opportunities to interact and engage with other members of the community. And it's important to mention that whenever the host is using the discount, it resets her number of nights hosted, and will benefit from a 40% discount again for the first time she hosts after the discount has been used.
  • How can I use my host discounts to travel?
    To use your host discount, you will need to follow these steps: Send an email to with the date of your hosting experience and the name of the traveler hosted. The GlobeSisters team will review your email and verify your hosting experience. If your hosting experience is verified, the GlobeSisters team will apply the discount to your travel pass. Once the discount has been applied, you can use it towards your next trip on GlobeSisters.
  • Can I travel with my significant other or a plus one (female or male)?
    Yes, you can! GlobeSisters won’t prevent you from traveling with another person, as it all depends on your host. This question will be addressed during the matching process, which will match hosts and travelers with their respective GlobeSister that best aligns with their needs and situation.
  • What if my host isn’t able to host me after everything has been confirmed?
    Our GlobeSister hosts are reliable and, once a homestay is accepted, they usually won’t cancel it. However, last-minute cancellations can happen. To be prepared, it is always a good idea to have a backup plan. If you experience a last-minute cancellation, please report your situation, and the GlobeSisters team will help you find a safe alternative solution.
  • What can I do to prepare as a traveler for my hosts?
    Besides the basic preparations needed for any travel and keeping in contact with your host, they are not expecting anything from you. However from the feedback we have received, hosts enjoy knowing more about you as a person. What is your story? Preparing a little slideshow is a fun way to show off your life! What are your hobbies? What do you normal do at home? Bringing along a recipe, game, book, etc. is a great activity to share with your host! What is your culture or home country like? Perhaps, gifting your host with a souvenir/trinket from your home will make a lasting keepsake and reminder of your time together! Some travelers like to help their hosts with cleaning, errands, or cooking. Everything is all completely up to you and what you are comfortable with!
  • How can I optimize my chances of getting hosted?
    Anticipation: Send your requests at least 2 weeks in advance: This will give your potential hosts enough time to prepare for your stay and also give you enough time to find a host if your first request is not accepted. Communication: Answer your hosts at least once every day or every two days: This shows that you are interested and available to communicate, and it also makes the process of booking your stay much smoother. Customized requests: Read the profile of your hosts and send a customized request to stay: This shows that you've put in the effort to learn about your potential host and it will increase the chances of your request being accepted. Be respectful and kind: GlobeSisters hosts aren't hotels or Airbnb. They are people who open their homes to travelers, so it's important to be respectful and kind when communicating with them. Keep in mind that GlobeSisters is a community-based platform, and finding a host may depend on various factors such as mutual interests and personalities, so being kind and respectful is essential. Having a complete profile with information about your interests, travel plans, and why you would like to stay with a GlobeSister, helps potential hosts to get to know you better and decide if they would like to host you. Also, adding photos and videos of yourself and your travels can help to make your profile more personal and appealing to hosts. A video introduction is a great way to show your personality and make a good first impression. This will help potential hosts to get a sense of who you are and to decide if they would like to host you. A complete profile with text, pictures, and video also demonstrates that you are trustworthy and serious about your travel plans.
  • Can I get a refund in case I wasn’t able to find a host?
    If a traveler is purchasing a pass but isn't able to find a host over the whole period of her pass, GlobeSisters may offer a refund if the traveler has followed the advice given by the GlobeSisters team and has made reasonable efforts to find a host. The refund policy may also depend on the package you've purchased, and some specific terms and conditions may apply. In this case, the traveler should contact the GlobeSisters support team by emailing and providing the necessary information and proof about the efforts made to find a host, and the team will review the request and determine if a refund is possible. Keep in mind that GlobeSisters is a community-based platform, and finding a host may depend on various factors such as location, timing, and availability, so we highly recommend our members plan their trips in advance and communicate clearly with potential hosts.
  • What should I do to get hosted by a GlobeSister?
    To get hosted by a GlobeSister: 1) You will first need to purchase a traveler membership plan. 2) Once you have a valid membership, you can start searching for potential hosts on the platform. You can search for hosts by location, language, and interests, as well as read reviews from other travelers. It's also recommended to create a detailed profile and fill in your travel plans to help hosts know more about you and to increase your chances of getting hosted. 3) Once you have found a host that you would like to stay with, you can send a request to stay with them and wait for their response. Keep in mind that the GlobeSisters platform is based on mutual trust and respect, so it's important to be polite, respectful, and communicate clearly with potential hosts.
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