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6 United States Destinations For Solo Travelers

It takes six days to drive directly across the United States – six months if you’re walking – let alone explore every state, city, park, and attraction the country has to offer. For female solo travelers, the amount of choices for you alone to make is both exciting and daunting, so here are six cities that are a must-visit on the bucket list for the USA.


New York City, NY

solo traveling in New York City
Image by Wikipedia

We start our roundtrip in the city that never sleeps, a cultural melting pot that offers endless opportunities for shopping, dining, entertainment, and sightseeing. It's also a city that celebrates women's rights, with monuments such as the Charging Bull statue, which symbolizes the struggles women have faced and overcome, as well as the new museum dedicated to the Women's Suffrage movement.

A surprising amount of people spend time alone in New York City so you will not be the only solo traveler out there. Check out Greenwich Village for a cluster of solo dining options and make sure you know how to navigate the extensive metropolitan subway system to easily get around the city and save money (and get out of painful traffic).

Popular Attractions:

For nature-lovers:

  1. Central Park

  2. The Highline

  3. Bryant Park

For city-lovers:

  1. Times Square

  2. Fifth Avenue

For art/history-lovers:

  1. Statue of Liberty

  2. Empire State Building

  3. Broadway shows

  4. Many, many museums!


San Francisco, CA

solo traveling in San Francisco
Image by TravelPulse

On the other coast of the United States is the city of hills and the 49ers. Located in the Bay Area, San Francisco is perfect for solo travelers looking for a mix of natural beauty and modern conveniences. This progressive city has a multitude of districts and cultural hotspots that make it incredibly inclusive for all travelers.

San Francisco is also home to North America’s oldest Chinatown, as well as cuisines from nearly every culture in the world. For more information on how to travel through the San Francisco Bay Area, check out our travel hacks article here.

Popular Attractions:

For nature-lovers:

  1. Golden Gate Park

  2. Fisherman’s Wharf

  3. Twin Peaks

  4. Lombard Street

For city-lovers:

  1. Transamerica Pyramid

  2. Salesforce Tower

  3. Golden Gate Bridge

For art/history-lovers:

  1. Alcatraz Island

  2. Palace of Fine Arts

  3. Mission District

  4. Museum of Modern Arts (MOMA)

  5. Painted Ladies


Los Angeles, CA

Destination Los Angeles for solo travelers
Image by Visit The USA

With Hollywood in the area, it’s no doubt Los Angeles is the place to be for entertainment, fashion, and glamor. Although it is known for gang violence and other crimes, with proper caution, Los Angeles really is a fun place to shop, dine, and be entertained. There are plenty of museums and studio tours to go on, as well as the best beaches California has to offer.

Universal Studios is particularly known for top-notch, tech-savvy amusement park rides and one of the best studio tours. Southern California beaches also have the best Pacific scenery and nicest weather during the summer. Speaking of Southern California, LA is home to two renowned college campuses that are worth a visit: University of California, Los Angeles and University of Southern California.

Popular Attractions:

For nature-lovers:

  1. Santa Monica Beach

  2. Malibu Beach

  3. Huntington Beach

For city-lovers:

  1. Hollywood

  2. Universal Studios

  3. Walk of Fame

For art/history-lovers:

  1. Getty Center

  2. Museum of Contemporary Art

  3. The Broad

  4. Natural History Museum of Los Angeles


Seattle, WA

destination Seattle for solo travelers
Image by Visit the USA

Moving out of California and into another West coast state (Washington), the city of Seattle is a very safe and quaint place for solo traveling women. As one of the largest cities in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States, it has surprisingly low crime rates for an urban area and is considered one of the safest cities in the US.

Seattle is known for its Space Needle, a 600 foot tall observation deck that draws 1.3 million visitors each year. Really, the city has a bit of everything, from stunning views of mountains and parks to an emphasis on pop culture and music. One of Globesisters’ travelers was introduced to the best places to visit and the best times to visit them by staying with a local Globesisters hostess. Read about her adventure as well as her recommendations here.

Popular Attractions

For nature-lovers:

  1. Puget Sound

  2. Olympic Mountains

  3. Mount Rainier

  4. Discovery Park

For city-lovers:

  1. Space Needle

  2. Pike Place Market

For art/history-lovers:

  1. Museum of Pop Culture

  2. Seattle Art Museum


Chicago, IL

destination Chicago for solo travelers
Image by Travel + Leisure

Further east is a destination that is full of iconic architecture and historical heritage. Every corner you turn in Chicago, also known as Chi-Town or the Windy City, houses an abstract art piece or statue or brings you to a uniquely-designed building that reals you through its doors. This place is perfect for solo travelers who want to feast their eyes on beautiful architecture left and right.

Take a walk through the Magnificent Mile, Chicago’s commercial district that is bustling with luxury shops, restaurants, and hotels. Stop by the world’s largest Starbucks – the multi-floor Reserve Roastery serving rare Reserve beans and exclusive foods – on Michigan Avenue. And, as always, experience Chicago history by diving into one of the many museums the city offers.

Popular Attractions:

For nature-lovers:

  1. Lake Michigan

  2. Millennium Park

For city-lovers:

  1. Willis tower (Sears Tower)

  2. Navy Pier

For art/history-lovers:

  1. Art Institute of Chicago

  2. Chicago Theater

  3. The Bean


Miami, FL

destination Miami for solo travelers
Image by PODS

Finally, back on the east coast, Miami is the tropical paradise for solo travelers who love the beach, the sun, and all the cuisines. Street vendors and food trucks can be found everywhere selling Colombian, Venezuelan, and Cuban foods. Miami’s beach is split into three sections – North Beach, Mid Beach, South Beach – that each have a personality. North Beach is relatively quiet and upscale, Mid Beach is a perfect distance from both sides of the Miami action, and South Beach is party central.

Miami is a common destination for Spring break or summer, when the warm weather brings out the best of the city. Pack some swimsuits if you want to splash in the beautiful beaches and plenty of sunscreen. The Citi Bikes and Miami Trolly are a great way to get around cheaply. Many tourists come to Miami for vacation, so there is a good chance you will meet many friendly travelers like yourself.

Popular Attractions:

For nature-lovers:

  1. South Beach

  2. Miami Beach Botanical Garden

For city-lovers:

  1. Ocean Drive

  2. Lincoln Mall

For art/history-lovers:

  1. Little Havana

  2. Perez Art Museum

  3. Design District

  4. Wynwood murals


There are many more places in the United States that you can explore: the capital Washington, D.C.; Boston, MA; Boulder, CO; Portland, OR; and much more. Globesisters can help you find authentic homestay hosts in a variety of locations to make your solo trip affordable, enjoyable, and in great company. Simply fill out the membership application with your preferences and Globesisters will match you with a network of hosts tailored to your needs and destinations!


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