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Top 7 Seattle Travel Attractions

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

Seattle, the seaport city of the Puget Sound, is the icon of the Pacific Northwest (PNW). It is a national treasure that is not appreciated enough over on the West Coast, but this Summer, I had the opportunity to stay with a local who showed me all the hotspots and the hidden trends of Seattle.

View on the best attractions of Seattle

Big shoutout to Vanessa, a GlobeSister, who let me stay in her condo downtown with her. I had the best time exploring the city with her! Vanessa was able to show me all of the local and popular spots and helped me familiarize myself much more than any tour guide ever could. Here are my top 7 Seattle travel attractions for this Summer:


1. Alki Beach

Sunset at Alki Beach, best attraction in Seattle

Seattle is surrounded by water so you can still have your beach days in the city! Vanessa actually had a friend who had a beach house in the area, so we were right next to the shore with a perfect view of the water. We had the best time getting dinner from the food trucks and playing volleyball in the hot sand! Those looking to visit Alki Beach should try to go in the morning or evening, it took us 30 minutes to get parking. Even if you encounter heavy touring hours though, the beach really shows off the waters of Seattle and is worth the hassle.

2. Flower Houses

Flower Houses, best shop in Seattle

Washington State is famous for its flower farms and the best place to appreciate flowers in the city is at Seattle’s Flower Houses. These houses are along the Alki Beach strip and are completely covered in fresh flowers! Since this is a popular spot, however, finding parking is going to take some time, but that’s Seattle. While I was taking photos outside the house, the actual owner came out and was friendly to all the tourists. She also set up some photo spots around the house for tourists to easily take pictures with.

3. International District

The international district, the most famous district in Seattle

My favorite spot that my host took me to was the International District in the heart of Seattle. As a huge Asian foodie, I had the best time exploring dim sum restaurants and seeing all the trendy boba shops. If you get the chance to go, I would find a spot to eat depending on how long the lines are. I found this to be the most accurate way to see which places were authentic. Vanessa swore that “Hong Kong Bistro” was the best dim sum she has ever had, so I trusted her opinion and had a big meal that day.

4. University of Washington

University of Seattle, really important place in Seattle

One of the main attractions that visitors need to visit is the UW campus. Nationally known as one of the most beautiful campuses, the buildings are decorated with history and their iconic purple color. Vanessa’s cousin is actually a current student so he was able to take us inside the libraries, buildings, and even art exhibits! Since I was visiting Seattle during the busy Spring time, the “Quad” was completely filled with tourists. The “Quad” is known for its beautiful Japanese cherry blossom trees that line the historic buildings, where we were able to secure a picnic spot for lunch.

5. Capitol Hill

Best market of Seattle

Seattle suburbs are filled with unique vintage clothing shops, themed cosmetic sellers, and a variety of international cuisine. Capitol Hill was one of the first places Vanessa showed me and we spent the entire day together exploring the stores and restaurants. The neighborhood is easily accessible from the Light Rail Station, a train that goes through all the major areas of Seattle. We went on an early Saturday morning because that was the farmer’s markets were happening. We picked up fresh and organic carrots, mushrooms, and some flowers for fun. Overall, it was a very friendly neighborhood that kept us busy and was exciting to look around!

6. Pink Door

The food culture in Seattle is very diverse. Its location along the waters has easy access to seafood, while the international community brings in cuisines from all over the world! Vanessa was able to take me to a high-end spot in the Pike Place area after exploring the International District, called “Pink Door.” This place was packed and they were reservation-only, so we were lucky that Vanessa knew a waiter working there who was able to squeeze us on the list when we arrived. It is an Italian restaurant and you can really feel welcomed, not only by the kind staff but also the food which all was prepared with lots of love. I think this is now my favorite restaurant ever!

7. “U” District

The U-district, best attraction of Seattle

Seattle is well recognized for the University of Washington and even has a whole area dedicated to welcoming the students. The University District is designed to be an easily accessible and convenient area for students to get a quick meal or run errands in-between classes. We visited the area after exploring the university and was recommended by Vanessa’s cousin to try the Korean cuisine. After having a delicious meal, we got to shop at the “University Book Store” which is filled with merchandise to showcase the university pride. Since Vanessa’s cousin was a current student, he was able to get us a discount on all of our purchases at the store with his student ID!


Seattle is a beautiful and diverse city and I am so glad I had the opportunity of exploring it, which I could not have done without Vanessa. I was welcomed into the city and blended in with the locals in a way that I would not have been able to do without GlobeSisters. As a safe home-sharing platform exclusively for women, the platform is passionate about providing a safe and intuitive travel opportunity for women. Women are often prevented from traveling due to its potential dangers or are intimidated by the large male-based hosts who may not provide the right intentions for hospitality. After I got connected with Vanessa, I immediately made a new friend and was able to explore Seattle in an intimate way. For anyone looking to travel to Seattle, try using GlobeSisters for a travel experience that goes beyond the surface!

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