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How Solo Travel Is the Quickest Way to Learn About Yourself

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

I’m sure you’ve heard the advice, “travel while you’re young”. Of course, travel adventures are not exclusive to any age, but traveling in your early years has benefits that you may want to take advantage of. Solo traveling is an amazing way to make discoveries about who you are, what you like, and what you want to do (or not do) with your life.

Touring new regions exposes you to opportunities for self-discovery. While solo traveling is an amazing way to meet new people and foster fresh connections, often there is a quick rotation in who is in your proximity. That’s not to say that more long-term relationships won’t come into your journey, but the only guaranteed person by your side is you. This lesson will strengthen the connection you hold with yourself.

With just about every aspect of normalcy in your life disappearing, so much of yourself will be revealed. A trip away from home will lead you to discover what parts of you are true and what parts of you are dynamic and influenced based on your environment.

Unpredictability is one of the most exciting yet intimidating parts about traveling alone. This will test you to become comfortable with the uncomfortable. There is immense value in accepting uncertainty. Switch the perspective and become excited about the vast opportunities that will be presented to you!

Three Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Trip

Everyone has a different idea of how they want to make use of their time away. One perk of traveling by yourself is that you have the freedom to plan accordingly to your own desires! Have a set plan, go with the flow, stay active, chill out, spend the day by the water or surrounded by trees…this is your chance to explore on your own accord.

1. Set Intentions

2. Go in With an Open Mind

3. Stay Present


1. Set Intentions

Intentions influence how we perceive our experiences. Being specific on how you would like to make use of your time away is the best way to ensure you have some direction to follow.

Maybe your intention is to learn a particular skill. Maybe your intention is to form as many connections as possible. Maybe your intention is to indulge in new cultures. Whatever your reasons are for traveling, making a list of your intentions can be a helpful roadmap. Click here for more signs that indicate you could use a road trip.

On the first solo trip I pursued, somebody asked why I decided to travel alone. At first, I was caught off guard. It felt like a personal question to ask somebody you had just met. But that question picked my brain in the best way possible. Suddenly, reasons for me retracting from my normal lifestyle began to come to surface. This conversation enhanced the understanding I had with myself and deepened the relationship I developed with this individual.

If you run into other solo travelers, discussing each other’s intentions can be a great way to connect. And before you leave for your trip, consider asking yourself why exactly you are making this decision.

2. Go in With an Open Mind

Setting intentions can be a great way to have some control over the trajectory of your trip, but the likelihood is high that the plans you make are going to change. Redirection is not bad and shouldn’t reduce the quality of your travels! Being open to allowing space for flow is just as important as having a plan.

You never know what you’re going to love! Traveling presents you with countless once in a lifetime type of opportunities. Being willing to try new things is the gateway to discovering where your passions lie. There is so much novelty to explore and you may surprise yourself what you learn.

Remember: it’s either a good time or a good story!

With that being said, trust your intuition. If you have a bad feeling about something, trust yourself! Our gut feelings serve a valuable purpose in keeping us safe. There are so many adventures that you will be excited about so there is no need to follow a path that makes you feel uneasy. Globesisters has some recommended safety tips as well as a guide for places to avoid in San Francisco.

3. Stay Present

Mindfulness will allow you to better interpret your emotions and fully experience these once in a lifetime moments.

While advancements in technology have been a blessing in helping us stay connected with loved ones, phoning home too frequently may limit your experience away. Setting boundaries with your screen time may be productive toward tuning into the present moment. One tip to reduce phone usage is to carry a camera with you. Having a real camera allows you to capture the moment without being tempted by your phone. This is a small change that can aid in avoiding what can become a repetitive distraction.

As fun as solo traveling is, loneliness can be real. Bringing a journal can be a great way to check in with yourself and how you’re feeling. I find journaling at the end of the day during trips is an amazing capstone routine. Writing anything and everything about your day can be satisfying, and not to mention creates the perfect memorial for looking back on later!

If you’re looking for a sign to plan your trip, this is it. Push you outside of your comfort zone and commit to creating your own path in this life.

Traveling solo carries the potential for you to grow and navigate your individuality. Taking advantage of opportunities as early as you can in life allows you to utilize what you have learned for your future endeavors. Whether you embark to a different city, state, country, or continent, exploring new parts of the world can be one of the best investments you make in yourself; you never know how a single trip can change the way you live the rest of your life.

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