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Quiz: find the best travel destination for you!

Are you looking for your next destination? Not sure where to explore next in this beautiful world? Do you know what kind of person you are and what kind of people you are looking for? Do you prefer modern life or natural landscapes? Of course, every single destination has its own beauty, but which one might suit you best right now? Go on and take this quiz to find out!

  1. If you have a free night, you would prefer to

    1. Go to a party, you enjoy having a nightlife

    2. Watch a documentary, you enjoy learning about art and culture

    3. Star-gazing, you enjoy the beauty of nature

    4. Go to a local mall/restaurant with a friend, you enjoy a chill time

  2. If you can only take one picture, it would be of

    1. A modern architecture

    2. An old piece of art

    3. A snowy mountain

    4. A film set

  3. On a typical day, you’re most likely to drink

    1. Coffee, you enjoy the energy

    2. Wine, you enjoy it’s rich taste

    3. Juice, you like natural things

    4. Tea, who would drink coffee when there’s tea?

  4. Which season would you prefer to travel in?

    1. Summer, everything’s so lively during summer

    2. Spring, it’s a new start and romantic

    3. Winter, cold but elegant

    4. Fall, it’s a little depressing, but stunningly pretty

  5. How would you describe yourself?

    1. Out-going, you enjoy making new friends

    2. Open-minded, you enjoy letting things happen

    3. Introvert, you oftentimes prefer to be with yourself

    4. Slow-to-warm-up, you prefer staying in your friend group

  6. What kind of food would you prefer?

    1. Fast and convenient, fried is the best

    2. Detailed and nice, I can spend the whole afternoon eating

    3. I don’t care about what I eat that much

    4. I don’t have a specific preference, I enjoy tasting different cuisines

  7. What kind of friends do you wish to meet?

    1. As long as they’re fun, you can reach out

    2. Polite but fun, you would really match with them

    3. Out-going, come to you me

    4. Talkative, helps you get to know them faster

  8. What kind of attractions do you like the most?

    1. Theme parks, who doesn’t like them?

    2. Small farms and winery, quiet yet pretty

    3. Landscape viewing, what can be more fun than nature

    4. Mysterious stone structures that were built who knows when

  9. The one thing you cannot go without on a trip:

    1. A board game, to play with your friends and to make new friends

    2. A camera, to capture all the fun moments

    3. A book, you enjoy reading when you have time

    4. An umbrella, you never know if you’ll need it to save you

  10. Who’s your favorite fictional character(s)?

    1. Avengers

    2. Cinderella

    3. Santa Clause

    4. Sherlock Holmes

The moment of truth

Of course, these are just some basic questions that might help you identify your ideal travel destination! There are many more destinations around the world, and your answers have more layers of characteristics than the ones we’ve discussed above. Don’t hesitate to go on a new adventure and explore a new place! That being said, let’s reveal our key! Have you been keeping track of your answers? Figure out which letter you got the most and see which destination it points to!

A) United States

The United States is known for its enthusiasm. Walking on the street, you have the chance to meet new people every second who will praise your outfit or hairstyle. Moreover, many cities in the United States have lively nightlife consisting of aesthetic buildings, crowded people, and tasty snacks. If you’re an outgoing person who’s interested in going out all the time, this is the destination for you. And of course, the United States has its famous cinematic Marvel series, the Avengers.

B) France

France is known as the most romantic place in the world. It has a rich and diverse culture, and has significant impacts on art and world history. People enjoy having slow and intricate dinners and love tasting wine. If there’s a place with a strong artistic sense, not too lively yet not too quiet, France is that great place for you.

C) Finland

Finland is very close to the North Pole, and is home to the famous Santa Claus village. It offers a mixture of nature and humanity, different from all other places listed above. Finland is the best place to go if you’re looking for beautiful natural landscapes such as ice glades and auroras. There’s not as much interaction between people, which might sound perfect for those who enjoy time to themselves. Even though Finland is very cold, going there in winter is still a great option. You can go take a nice spa after seeing the aurora!

D) England

English people are known for their politeness. In fact, England itself gives off the same vibe of gentleness and sophistication. You might need an umbrella as it rains more than usual. Although England itself doesn’t necessarily have famous native dishes, it is the center of the world’s cuisines. You can find great restaurants for European, Chinese, or Italian food in England. They also have an amazing history in film production with the famous Harry Potter and Sherlock Holmes series. If you’re interested in visiting their filming sets, don’t miss out on England!


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