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Best App Resources for Travelers

As the world slowly moves out of the pandemic, more and more travel sites are available again and more people are going on their first trips in a while. Speaking of traveling, planning is an inevitable part and sometimes it can get annoying.

Figuring out the best sites to travel, the way to travel, and the place to stay during travel can definitely get more complicated than it needs to be. Fortunately, there are many apps that are available to help travelers lighten the planning process. Let’s dive deep into these great tools!



Let’s start with booking tickets. Omio is a great site and app that provides easy access to train, bus, ferries, and flight tickets. Omio covers areas mainly in North America, South America, and Europe but also has services available in the rest of the world. Moreover, Omio gives you the option to compare tickets from different categories. You can compare plane tickets with train tickets which would help you plan your trip much more effortlessly.

For example, if you are debating whether you should fly to New York from Boston or take the bus, you can check on Omio what time each option offers and how much is the price difference to conveniently make the decision. Omio also provides amazing travel stories on their app that can help guide your tour.


On the same basis, Rome2rio is another popular choice for booking tickets for planes, trains, buses, ferries, and cars. Rome2rio provides a specific focus on the route to get between two places. They can guide you from A to B with thousands of routes based on their search system. You don’t need to figure out the travel route step by step yourself.

It’s almost like a Google map on a grander scale and incorporated with Omio-it provides you with the route and the tickets available for the route. Currently, Rome2rio offers around 150,000 train lines, 900,000 bus routes, 12,000 ferries, and 52,000 flight paths. Rome2rio focuses on Europe mainly as well, but they are also expanding into the US and other places.



Aside from booking tickets, attractions, and sites are another imperative part of a trip. Tripadvisor is an app that gathers the best, most popular travel sites around the world, including restaurants and things to do.

If you are unsure of where you want to travel, Tripadvisor is the best place to go. It has a list of must-go spots that range worldwide, such as Tokyo, Iceland, and Sydney. No matter where you are, you can always find a site that is attractive to you. For those that are interested in visiting the Bay Area, here’s a detailed guide from GlobeSisters.

In addition to destinations, Tripadvisor gives the best experiences around the location you want to visit such as cruise tours and camel riding trips, filling up your travel agenda with the best experience voted by thousands of customers on Tripadvisor. Even though Tripadvisor emphasizes attractions, they also provide tickets and renting services on their app, making it less work for you to plan your entire trip on Tripadvisor.


These types of altogether apps also include the famous Expedia. For tickets, Expedia focuses primarily on booking plane tickets. You can find almost all the major airlines here except Southwest Airlines. Travelers can book from a specific airport or check the general area on Expedia to see the best option. It is also verified that Expedia’s prices are the same as, if not lower, than the airlines’ official websites.

Compared to a ticket booking site, Expedia is closer to a travel guide app for long-distance traveling. They also provide car-renting options and hotel bookings, satisfying all the travel requirements on one app. Expedia also offers an easy refund and cancellation processes to ensure that you can maintain flexibility with your trip, as it should be since plans can change all the time.



With all the attractions and tickets planned out, what else is there to worry about on a trip? Of course, places to stay! Aside from living in a hotel, there are multiple options available for travelers in 2023 that are more affordable and more fun. Among them are homestays. And with excitement, we are announcing that GlobeSisters, an amazing platform for female travelers to find and host homestays, is launching its app!

The GlobeSisters app gives you the opportunity to find a local homestay at the location you want to travel to. This provides the opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture and environment, and it is usually more affordable than hotels! You can also volunteer as a host if you want to meet new friends who love traveling. If you want to learn more, check out GlobeSister’s recent blog about couch-surfing!

Unlike many other couch-surfing apps, GlobeSisters emphasizes providing a safe homestay community for solo female travelers, which is why we have solely female hosts and you won’t need to worry about sexual harassment and other safety issues here. GlobeSisters app is the tool on your hand to connect with sisters around the world while you’re on your trip. We look forward to seeing you in the community!


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