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tailored for women 

Host, travel & meetup with like-minded adventurers like you. Find a community among women-identifying travelers.

Women travel app to find couchsurfers
Women travel app to find couchsurfers
Women travel app to find couchsurfers and women to hang out with

the best app to
host & travel easily

GlobeSisters is an application for safety
staying with locals, making lifelong connections, meeting travelers from all over the world.


GlobeSisters in the community

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homestays organized in the Bay area 

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meetups organized in California

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Why Travel?

  • Discover the inspiring stories of your hosts

  • Meet inspiring local residents and experience their culture

  • Make forgettable memories and relationships

  • Embark on unique and authentc adventures

  • Benefit from free and safe accomodation from verified hosts

Why host?

  • Empower women to travel by offering a safe shelter

  • Travel vicariously through your guests' stories

  • Share treasured moments with verified travelers

  • Make friendships all around the world

  • Learn about and from fellow GlobeSisters

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Shelter a GlobeSister
Security & verification screening process
Learn new things about each other
Immerse yourself in local culture

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Antelope Canyon

What Other GlobeSisters Say

Read reviews from past meetups between other GlobeSisters and the lasting friendships and memories that emerged from them.

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Sausalito, CA

“I enjoyed my trip so much at Jenny’s place. It was my first time in the Bay Area. She made me discover hidden gems in her home city and I will remember this brunch forever.”

a girl admiring a burger

Christina Y.

Traveler, May '22

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Marin, CA

"After only spending 3 days with Laure, I feel like I've known her forever. I had a great time exploring San Fran and learning how to play the ukulele. I will never forget this amazing trip, thank you Laure!"

2 girls having fun

Brittany M.

Traveler, August ‘21

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Featured Articles

Take a look at our blog with articles ranging from travel guides to reflections and stories that stem from the beauty of traveling and forming meaningful relationships with others.

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screenshots of the GlobeSisters mobile app
Screenshot of our GlobeSisters mobile app
Screenshot of the GlobeSisters mobile app

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